Meet Our Hearing Instrument Specialist

Ken Pruyn, our Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist, leads the Hearing Professionals. He has 14-plus years of experience helping people with their hearing needs and has helped thousands of patients. 

Ken is passionate about helping people have the best hearing health possible. He prides himself on taking the time to understand your needs and find the hearing solution that will work best for you. 

Ken understands that hearing is essential to living a great quality of life. He wants everyone to communicate with their loved ones clearly, which is why he offers high-quality and personalized service for every patient. 

Ken formed The Hearing Professionals to serve the hearing needs of patients in Massachusetts. The Hearing Professionals partners with Tru-Hearing, Hearing Care Solutions,, Yes Hearing, United Health Care, and Amplifon to meet your needs. 

We operate out of eight office locations in Massachusetts, making it easy for you to find the nearest location where you can treat your hearing needs. We also offer in-home appointments for mobility-impaired patients. 

Before starting The Hearing Professionals, Ken gained many years of experience and knowledge, working for two international companies, one national company, one regional company, and one private practice. Ken received awards for outstanding patient satisfaction. Ken has treated two ear surgeons, current, and retired physicians, many persons in the medical arena, and people of all backgrounds, and has successfully resulted in better hearing for all. 

At the Hearing Professionals, we strive to help all our patients communicate clearly with their loved ones. 

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