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Because Life Is Worth Listening To

At The Hearing Professionals, we offer a wide range of hearing aid brands and models. We take our time to find the right hearing solution for you.

Meet Your Hearing Instrument Specialist:
Ken Pruyn

Ken is passionate about helping people hear clearly again. He takes the time to understand the hearing solution that works best for you. With more than a decade of experience as a Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist, Ken has the experience to help you hear again.

Hearing is such an important part of living a full life. Ken wants everyone to be able to communicate with their loved ones clearly.

Meet Your Hearing Instrument Specialist:
Ken Pruyn

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You don’t have to compromise style for quality. RIC hearing aids are discrete but powerful devices. Find the right receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid for you with The Hearing Professionals.

Peter’s Story

I’m a retired otolaryngologist. I practiced in southeast Massachusetts for 35 years. Ken’s approach to my hearing deficit was very professional, with a very careful hearing evaluation. Now my hearing problem is over. I wear my aids daily and am now able to have real conversations with family and friends. Ken’s careful evaluation of my hearing loss led to the perfect solution of hearing aids.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast does noise-induced hearing loss progress?

How fast hearing loss progresses really depends on several factors. 

With noise-induced hearing loss, a single exposure to a loud noise can result in immediate hearing loss. Other times, symptoms may accumulate over several years. Noise-induced hearing loss can develop after ten or more years of exposure.

How fast does age-related hearing loss progress?

Age-related hearing loss comes on gradually as you age. It often runs in families and occurs due to changes in the inner ear and auditory nerve. 

Age-related hearing loss usually occurs in both ears, affecting each ear equally. Hearing loss is gradual, which is why some people don’t realize they have slowly lost their hearing ability.

Age-related hearing loss can start as early as your thirties or forties and increases over time. It impacts one’s ability to hear high-frequency sounds first. About one-third of people over the age of 65 in the United States are impacted by age-related hearing loss. 

Does wearing a hearing aid slow down hearing loss?

Wearing a hearing aid does not slow down hearing loss. However, wearing a hearing aid will reduce the impact of hearing loss on your life. A hearing aid allows you to hear and comprehend sounds around you and fully participate in life. It allows one to hear words accurately, clearly, so you can better understand what people are saying to you. They eliminate that muffled, soft sounding voice you may be experiencing without the assistance of medical grade Hearing Instruments.

What causes hearing loss to get worse?

Noise-induced hearing loss can get worse if you continue to be exposed to loud noises. Exposure to loud noises can wear and tear both the hair and nerve cells that send signals to the brain. 

With age-related hearing loss, hearing loss gradually increases with age. Once the process starts, you can’t stop it. However, you can protect your hearing by avoiding loud noises, reducing noise exposure, and wearing ear plugs or ear muffs to prevent further damage to your hearing. 

What level of hearing loss requires a hearing aid?

There are different levels of hearing loss. When you reach a point of moderate hearing loss, where you have difficulty, hearing sounds quieter than 41 to 55 decibels, you may consider getting hearing aids. 

Sounds at 41 to 55 decibels include normal conversation or the sound of a refrigerator humming. You may have to ask people to repeat things or speak louder.

What is the difference between RIC and BTE hearing aid?

RIC and BTE are two different types of hearing aids. 

BTE stands for behind-the-ear hearing aids. With BTE hearing aids, the speaker and all other electronic components are inside the hard case. BTE hearing aids offer powerful sound amplification. They are also less susceptible to moisture and wax. The size of the hearing aid is larger, which is a benefit for someone with dexterity issues. 

RIC or receiver-in-the-canal hearing aids are designed differently. With RIC devices, the speaker is enclosed inside a flexible ear dome or earmold. This allows for a smaller hearing aid structure. Sounds tend to be very clear and intact with RIC hearing aids, as the speaker is next to the ear canal. They work well with high-frequency hearing loss. 

What are the advantages of using a RIC hearing aid?

Receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) hearing aids offer many benefits, including. 

  • More natural, clearer sound
  • Minimal feedback
  • Case fits behind the ear and the receiver inside the ear is small, making it easy to hide
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Works well for individuals with high-frequency hearing loss

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