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Welcome to The Hearing Professionals, where we believe that hearing is more than just a sense - it's an experience. We provide a wide range of hearing aids guaranteed to enhance your everyday life. 

Whether you're looking for discreet, high-tech, or budget-friendly devices, we've got you covered. With our personalized approach, we take the time to understand your unique hearing needs and recommend the perfect hearing aids to match.

Our selection includes various types and styles, such as behind-the-ear, in-the-ear, and completely-in-canal hearing aids. 

Our hearing aids are designed with cutting-edge technology, ensuring crystal-clear sound quality and comfort. You can also choose from various colors and styles to match your personal taste and lifestyle.

Types of Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are essential tools for individuals who experience hearing loss. They enable communication and improve the overall quality of life for those who use them. 

With a wide range of options available, navigating the world of hearing aid styles and technologies can be challenging. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the different types of hearing aids, their features, and the factors to consider when choosing the right hearing aid for you or a loved one.

As hearing loss affects people differently, it is essential to understand the various types of hearing aids available and their respective features. This knowledge will empower you to make an informed decision and select the most suitable hearing aid for your needs.

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OTC Hearing Aids

In a historic move on August 17, 2022, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a new rule allowing over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids to be sold for adults with mild-to-moderate hearing loss. 

This ruling came after President Joe Biden's executive order in July 2021, directing the US Department of Health and Human Services to consider allowing hearing aids to be sold over the counter.

The FDA's decision ensures the safety and effectiveness of OTC hearing aids while promoting innovation and competition in the hearing aid technology market.

To clarify the differences between hearing aids and personal sound amplification products (PSAPs), the FDA also issued final guidance on regulatory requirements for these devices.

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Bluetooth-Enabled Hearing Aids

Did you know that Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids can be wirelessly connected to devices like televisions, cell phones, FM systems, GPS systems, and more? With Bluetooth technology, hearing aid users can connect their hearing aids to various devices for improved sound quality directly from the sound source. 

Think of it like wireless internet, where sounds are sent through an invisible electronic signal.

Users can choose from a range of options that best suit their hearing aid and device compatibility needs.

At The Hearing Professionals, we can help you find the right Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids that work with the devices you use the most. Ken Pruyn is a Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist with over 13 years of experience helping patients find just the right hearing aids.

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Assistive Listening Devices

At The Hearing Professionals, we understand that hearing loss and communication disorders can be challenging. That's why we offer a range of assistive listening devices to make your listening experience easier and more enjoyable.

Assistive listening devices help people with hearing loss or communication disorders hear and express themselves more clearly. With digital and wireless technology advancements, many devices are now available to help individuals communicate better and participate fully in their daily lives.

We offer a range of devices, such as:

  • Phone Accessories
  • TV Accessories
  • FM Systems
  • Alerting Devices
  • Caption Phones
  • Remote Microphones
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Cell Phone Accessories

​​Using a cell phone can be challenging for hearing aid users. The phone's proximity to the hearing aid can cause interference, making calls difficult to hear. Fortunately, HAC (Hearing Aid Compatible) cell phone accessories can help. 

You can explore options with the team at The Hearing Professionals to find the right accessories for your hearing aids.

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Hearing Aids in Massachusetts

At The Hearing Professionals, we understand that hearing loss can be frustrating and overwhelming, which is why we offer a free hearing evaluation to get you started on your journey to better hearing. 

Our team of experienced professionals is here to guide you every step of the way. Don't let hearing loss hold you back from living your best life - contact us today to schedule your free hearing evaluation!

You can request an appointment online or call us at (508) 794-3620 to arrange an in-office appointment at any of our eight Massachusetts offices: Framingham, Marlborough, Concord, Waltham, Newton, Dedham, Quincy, and Hingham. For Mobility challenged Persons we offer in-home evaluations, subject to your location. 

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